Friends Who Sew Together

We had a race! Not your typical race but a JellyRoll race. More importantly though, we raced together, a whole bunch of us on a rainy, cold Saturday in March at Old Spool Sewing. It was the perfect day to sew-in, who am I kidding they’re all perfect days, and we sewed and laughed and chatted and ate. Somehow there’s always food involved! Our youngest member and queen of the jelly roll quilts, Brooke C, had the idea to get us all together. She showed us most of her quilts and talked about different ways to make jelly roll quilts. Then it was time to put the pedal to metal and get sewing. It was such a fun day! We have so many newer members to our guild it was an opportunity to be together outside of a meeting in a much more relaxed atmosphere and really get to know one another. It was great!

There was also shopping as our host and owner of Old Spool Sewing Studio offered us a generous discount on backing and binding fabric for our JellyRoll quilts and come on you know we can’t stop there! It was just an all around great day!

Please enjoy our mostly finished quilt tops!

A variation of a JellyRoll quilt.
And this genius use of 2 1/2” strips rolled precisely to create this work of art!

Love these days of sewing together with friends!

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