Meet Michelle Lewis

Name: Michelle Lewis

Where were you born? Frankfort Germany

How long have you been quilting? 25 years

Who/what inspired you to start quilting? I always sewed clothing having 3 daughters and wanted to make a quilt for my girlfriend having her first baby

Who/what inspires you now? Everything, Modern, Traditional,  Art quilts and Applique

When talking about quilts – what is MODERN in YOUR view? Strong motifs and negative space

Do you follow any specific quilter or designer?  If so, who? Pride and Joy Quilter, Jacquline  Dejonge (paper Piecing) and all applique artists

What type of quilting do you prefer – piecing, paper piecing, appliqué, hand stitching?  Do you longarm? All of the above Still working on the longarm aspect

Is there a type of quilt/project that you like to do?  Wall hanging, bed quilt, pocketbooks, totes, table runners? Will do all just not so much into table runners.

Do you participate in any challenges, Quilt-a-longs (what is this?), charity sewing?    If so, which? Not to many challenges I stay Challenged by the projects I choose. I will do charity sewing if needed

Have you taken any classes in the last two years?  If so, which ones?  Did you find them useful? Craftsy Classes for machine quilting and clothing tailoring also some ruler work

Is there something that you would like JSMQG to develop a workshop on? Can’t think of nothing at the moment

Are there any speakers would you like to see visit JSMQG? Virtual? The sky’s the limit

What are your favorite colors? RED can never have to much red and Black too really all colors are in the running not a fan of purple

What other interests do you have? Since Covid cooking baking and knitting and more quilting I dabble with painting also

Anything you would like to add that we haven’t asked? Nope you pretty much covered it all.

Do you have access to email?  Do you check it periodically? Not frequently