JSMQG Bylaws

As a small but growing organization, the JSMQG aims to keep the bylaws simple, but allow for future concerns to be adjudicated as simply as possible. These proposed bylaws are a template for the group as it grows and its needs change over time.

JERSEY SHORE MODERN QUILT GUILD Bylaws (First adopted February 18, 2015)

Article I: Name and Location

The name of the guild is the Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild, and may be referred to as the Jersey Shore MQG or JSMQG. It is an affiliate member of the Modern Quilt Guild, Inc. Through a group exemption with the Modern Quilt Guild, the JSMQG is a non­profit organization open to anyone without discrimination. Location of the JSMQG meetings are in the Colts Neck Reformed Church, Colts Neck, NJ. General Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month from 7:00 to ­9:00 PM.

Article II: Mission and Purposes

Mission:The JSMQG was formed to:

● Inspire and support our members in their enjoyment of and growth in modern quilt making

● Educate members with an emphasis on the modern aesthetic through programs and activities

● Promote an interest in and appreciation of the art of quilt making, especially in a no­rules modern approach to fabric arts

● Assist our community by creating quilts and other fabric projects for those in need

Monthly meetingsshall consist of a business meeting with an agenda, including a reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, a report from the Treasurer, a short program, and time to share members’ projects.

Article III: Membership, Dues, Visitation, and Voting

● Membership is open to anyone interested in our mission, attending our meetings, and promoting the fabric arts.

● Membership in good standing means being current on dues and allows for attendance at general meetings, sew-­ins, and special events (for either no fee or a reduced fee.), as well as access to the member only resources on the national MQG site for that calender year.

● Dues are $50.00 for returning members, payable at the December meeting. An additional $10 initiation fee will be collected for all first ­time members.

● Members joining in the fourth quarter of a year will have their dues applied to the following calendar year.

● Guests are welcome, and a visitor will be extended a new­ member form and information on dues. If a guest elects to join at the next meeting, the form and the dues will be collected by the Treasurer at that time. Repeated visitation indicates a desire to become a prospective new member, and follow­ through will be the responsibility of the Treasurer. Once dues are paid, membership privileges are fully extended. The Secretary will record the new member’s information on the Guild Rolls, and the Web Mistress will enter the email information for future communications.

● Members shall be eligible to vote at general meetings, on amending of the by­laws, and other issues presented to the membership.

● Votes conducted at a monthly meeting shall be binding if a quorum is present (50% of membership in good standing) when the vote achieves a simple majority (half plus one).

Article IV: Officers, Committee Chairs, and Duties

The Executive Board consists of elected officers of the Guild. It is hoped that the Guild membership will actively participate in the governance and that Board positions will rotate widely among the membership to share both our skills and the duties of office. Any one office should not take on a heavier burden than any other. The Board members may swap some duties as their skills and time available permit.

Duties of the officers are as follows:  Executive Board Positions


1. Prepares agenda and conducts regular monthly meetings in coordination with the board.

2. Coordinates activities and ideas of members and the Board.

3. Oversees fundraising and other Guild events

4. May appoint special committees and committee chairs, with the agreement of the guild, as the need arises.

5. Shall perform other duties incidental to the position

6. Coordinates with Board members to communicate with membership

7. Maintains contact with the National Guild in coordination with the Treasurer.


1. Presides over meeting in the absence of the President

2. Assists the President with his/her duties

3. Acts as liaison between committees and Board as needed

4. Shall perform other duties incidental to the position

5. Coordinates with Board members to communicate with membership


1. Records minutes of all guild meetings

2. Maintains membership records as provided by the Treasurer

3. Maintains a Guild calendar of upcoming events

4. Maintains a file of minutes, correspondence, by­laws, and all other non­financial records of the guild

5. Prepares agenda at the direction of the President for the monthly meetings, to be emailed to the membership at least 3 days prior to the monthly meeting.

6. Provides paper copies of the agenda for 1/3 of the registered membership for each meeting.

7. Coordinates with Board members to communicate with membership


1. Receives and banks all JSMQG monies in a timely fashion.

2. Disperses guild funds to pay Board­ approved expenses. No member should expect reimbursement of any expenditures not pre­approved by the majority of the Board, though the Board may choose to reimburse advantageous expenditures after the fact.

3. Maintains a record of all funds

4. Provides a monthly report to the guild membership

5. Maintains an up ­to ­date list of members in good standing (with paid dues) which shall be available to the board for communication purposes.

6. Maintains contact with the National Guild in coordination with the President.

Other positions: The following positions are either volunteer or appointed by the executive board:


1. Maintains a website of guild information

2. Updates the website in a timely manner to include upcoming activities

3. Coordinates with Board members to communicate with membership

4. Maintains an up ­to ­date list of email addresses for the guild and sends out communications as needed by the Board, at least after each monthly meeting.

Charity Committee Chairperson

1. Solicits appropriate charitable organizations for which the guild may produce contributions

2. Works with the Board and membership to determine interest in various charities

3. Works with the membership to determine projects on which to focus, communicating standard expectations to those who choose to contribute their work

4. The chairperson may recruit others to assist in the performance of her duties, or may be one of the committee agreed upon by the committee to serve as chairman.

5. Acts as a recipient of contributions and arranges for delivery to the appropriate charity

Program/Project Chairperson

1. The chairperson may recruit others to assist in the performance of their duties, or may be one of the committee agreed upon by the committee members to serve as chairman.

2. Works in concert with any committee members, the Board, and specific officers to plan and execute programs for the guild. This includes but is not limited to monthly meeting activities, Saturday ­Sew-­ins, & solicitation of experts to share skills. Our goal is that there will be a small presentation, demonstration, or talk at every monthly meeting.

3. Organizes to support those program presenters to allot time and materials as needed.

4. Consults the members’ information forms and informally consults with membership for skills to share or skills desired

5. Programs requiring an expenditure by the guild will be undertaken only with the approval of the Board or by a majority vote at the monthly membership. Special programs may be booked which require a participation fee, to be approved in advance by the board or the membership at a monthly meeting.

6. Announces planned programs at general meetings and provides information to the Webmaster/Webmistress and Board for online communication and advertisement of programs.

7. Program / Project Chairperson may be renewed each year without term limits.

Other Committees may be appointed and staffed as a need is indicated by the Executive Board and Membership Board/Committee.

Chairmanship Opening:  If an opening arises during the term of office, the Board may select a replacement by a majority vote of the officers. If possible, solicitation of the membership may be used to advise the board in this selection.

Terms of Office: Officers are elected annually to serve a calendar year. An officer must be a guild member in good standing (annual dues paid). Officers may not serve more than two consecutive terms, but may be re­elected after a break in service, or a term in a different office.

Calendar for Officers: In November, nominations shall be made for new officers. In December, new officers shall be voted on. In January, officers shall take office for that calendar year.

A Guild member may fill two different offices at once, if willing. A minimum of three (3) officers must be elected to maintain the guild. If no one is willing to accept office, the guild shall be considered disbanded.

Article V: General Business BYLAWS are to be reviewed annually and revised as needed. A Committee of three shall review the bylaws and propose changes. These changes will be published for membership review at least one month prior to a monthly meeting, at which time their adoption will be voted on.

DISSOLUTION: In the event that the Guild disbands, any and all funds remaining in the Treasury will be donated to the Jersey Shore Arts Center as a thank you for providing our meeting location. If the JSMQG changes meeting locations prior to disbanding, the membership may designate an alternate charity as beneficiary.

CERTIFICATION This document shall be signed by all members of the Board at the time of the membership votes to accept, and kept on file by the Secretary of the Guild.