October 2021

Call to Order by President Eileen DePietro at Old Spool Sewing Studio at 7 pm. 

President Eileen explained that due the long distance membership by two of our members, we will be hosting the meeting in person as well as on Facebook Mtg Space.

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month submitted by June M and posted to our web site MTA from Brandy and seconded by Sherre.  AIF

Treasurer’s Report    

June reported that our current balance is $976.66. Members are currently paying their dues for 2022. 

President Chapter Update

Eileen opened the meeting by thanking the Old Spool Sewing Studio owner Julia Passafiume for graciously offering her studio to our group for meetings as well as organized Sew Ins. 

Eileen explained the decisions that went into making this decision and the membership was in full support for this decision. 

Standing Committee Reports

Community Outreach    Chairman Eileen D.

Smart Home for Brandon Webb- our next recipient will be Brandon Webb.  We hope to get a color scheme shortly. Members agreed to make Intersection by Margaret Yang.  Fabric will be obtained from Old Spool Sewing Studio.  Due date is expected to be 2022, 3rd Q.

Mary’s By the Sea- Eileen is gathering charitable fabric, Linda will reach out to a neighbor about next expected date of delivery of quilts to MBTS

Eileen asked for any CO suggestions

Eileen and Linda will reach out to church to clean out the supply area.  There will be disgards and balance stored in Linda’s attic.

Quilt of Valor- still no recipient for this quilt. 

Fund Raising                    Chairman Brandy B    NA

MQG                                  Chairman (open)

Brandy has volunteered to provide training to the membership on how to get into and use the National site for TMQG. This should be easier to do this training at TOSC since they are wired up.

Yearly Programs             Chairman Brandy B

Brandy will chair with a schedule.  She will work with Julia to determine topics, time, and products.  She and Julia will work towards a speaker program that can be done in person or in an on-line meeting format.  Laura S volunteered to help as well. 

Sew Ins                             Chairman (open)

Julia will assist us with time and topic availability for a Saturday or Sunday in Jan/Feb and she will include in her published calendar. 

Social Networking          Chairman (Laura Schafer)     NA

By Laws- Chairman (open)

June shared that she has taken a few minutes to update our current bylaws and they are posted to our web site.  Eileen wants a committee for the coming year.  June reminded the membership that we need a chair to be sure that we are following the rules as we go along.  No volunteers stepped forward. 

Old Business

New Member brochure- June created and printed the updated version of this PDF.  Copies were given to new members along with TMQG lapel pin and business card. 

New Business

Election of Officers for 2022-23 Eileen explained that both she and I are currently the only active officers.  We currently have combined President-VP and Secretary- Treasurer because no one volunteered in the past period of Nomination of Officers to run.

Eileen has asked for private nominations as well as public.  No one from the current list of members has volunteered.  There were no nominations at this time, therefore Eileen have volunteered to continue

Dues are due for the coming year.  We are back to $40 for current members and $50 for new members.  People can pay by cash, check.  If they use Pay Pal Pal or Venmo we ask that include a $1 handling fee. 

Quilt Project Sharing

              Each person did the following: Hung quilt for display and photo, spoke of Fabric Used, Inspiration, Answered Questions

Monthly Meeting Program    NA

President did answer questions from our 5 new members with regard to the inner workings of Community Outreach. 

Meeting adjourned at 9 PM

Members Present

June M, Eileen DiP, Julian Passafiume, Virginia Loftin, Brandy Borden, Sherre McClellan, Linda Duffy, MaryEllen Crumlish, MaryJane Pozarcki, Laura Schafer