January 2019 Minutes

Meeting Date January 16, 2109

Call to Orderby our President Deb H

Welcometo any guests or new members – We welcomed Diane Critelli from East Brunswick who found out about our guild on-line.

Introduction of New Executive Board (for this coming year due to recent resignation of our President and Treasurer) Our departing Board members were thanked for their efforts.

President Deb Hathaway Hunter

Vice President Eileen DiPietro

Treasurer Phyliss Garnant

Secretary June Mellinger

Secretary’s MinutesJune Mellinger

The December minutes were read.  MTA by Sherre and 2ndby Brandy AIF NA

Treasurer’s Report Phyllis Garnant

We now have an account at PNC.  Insurance was paid in the amount of $337 to the Hartford Insurance Co.  $180 in dues were paid to the Modern Quilt Guild.  The church has not yet been paid for meeting space. MTA Deb L, 2ndBrandy AIF NA

Standing Committee Reports

Charity                                      Chairman Eileen D

At the Feb Sew In Eileen will be showing how to make pillowcases in a variety of ways and the attendees are asked to bring fabrics so that pillowcases can be made and donated. Allison has bought a roll of batting and donated it to this committee as a thank you to the guild for the sewing machine that she won at the November Charity Sewing Fundraiser.  Sherre is investigating as to whether this roll can be stored at the church we meet at.

Fund Raising                          Chairman Brandy

The November 2019 event will be held once again at the Wall Community Center on Nov 2 or 9.

MQG                                          Chairman Deb H

Programs                                 Chairman Deb H

For 2019, each month we will discuss new ideas that we can all learn from.  Feb will be about the Social Networks our guild chapter is involved in. March will be Quilts of Valor hosted by Linda Duffy.  April will be

Sew Ins                                    Chairman Brandy B

Katherine asked if it was permissible for her to bring a guest to our monthly Sew In and this was confirmed.

Social Media                         Chairman Shannon S

Reports that we have 600 followers on Instagram.  She and Deb H will be working to update our current site to add more data to the calendar as well as events

Old Business

Mancuso show will not be taking place in Edison this year

Raffle License- not necessary this year

Charity Quilt- on track but at this time Deb did not have a photo of the finished product available. She did share some photos of other guilds completed quilts

Welcome Book- History/By Laws/Membership – a committee is needed to do this project.  Katherine Moore and June Mellinger agreed to take this on.  We currently have 15 members.  Deb will send a note to Diane C, the founder of this group, to gather information about our history.

New Business

Name Tags- the membership was told that they needed to have their name tags made and ready to be worn by the March meeting.

By Laws revisit-need volunteers to manage this update project. The previous committee was Brandy and Arlene.  Brandy was asked about if a Welcome Packet had been updated.  Other questions were whether we could vote someone out of our guild’s executive board if for example they did not attend x amount of meetings.

Meeting Location- while we are not actively looking to move the membership was polled as to whether or not this location met our needs. The fact that this location is not handicap accessible might be a problem in the future for membership.  Note that for this location we currently pay a usage fee of $35 for meetings and Sew Ins and this does include a small but convenient storage area.

National Quilting Day is March 16.  Eileen and June shared their ideas to spread the word about this day to their local libraries.  It appeared that no one else really knew about this.  Quilters Alliance is promoting this idea.  Members are reminded that if they are quilting that day, they should be sure to post information about their efforts to our web site, Instragram account, Facebook, etc.  Tell a Friend!

Group Learning Project- Deb H is looking for ideas for our group to get involved with.  Are we interested in a BOM, Block Lotto, Queen Bee, etc.? What about an ongoing quilt block project like Super Nova?  It was determined to make a Modern Version of the current Pat Sloan BOM.  Deb will send the block to our members and they need to return a message to her as to whether they will participate or not.


RRQ will be hosting a bus for the upcoming show on March 29 in Lancaster at a cost of $65 per person.

January 22 is National Polka Dot Day- please remember to wear dots that day and post to Instagram and remember to use the @ sign

MQG Webinars- the membership is reminded once again to view these as they are made available to membership for free.

Road Trips- members were reminded that we have done spur of the moment trips in the past and we should consider doing them again.

Door Prizes/50-50

The Door Prize this month was a pair of very miniature scissors donated by Deb H

While this was happening Deb H had also posted a word search game for members to attempt to solve.

Monthly Program

What ONE quilting goal do you have for 2019?

Which ONE quilter (can be nationally or locally known) do you LOVE and follow?

How many quilts or projects are you working at this moment?  Be honest!

Show and Tell

Presenter- Tell us everything! The story behind the quilt. What you learned while making the quilt. Why did you make it and how much time you invested in making it.  Membership should respect and admire. Ask questions. Take a closer look.

Meeting adjournedat 9 PM.

Members Present

Deb H, Deb L, Eileen D, June M, Phyllis G, Brandy B, Sherre M, Katherine M, guest Diane C, Amy T, Allison F