Meet Rosemary Crerand

just a quick introduction from your newest member, Rosemary.  I am the eldest of ten children all of whom were born birthed by the same doctor and born in the same hospital in Jamaica (Long Island), New York.  At the age of 16 our house in Massapequa was just bursting at the seams and thus we made the move to NJ.  I met my husband a few months later and one thing led to another and can’t believe we will be celebrating 52 years of marriage this year.  How did that happen I don’t even feel 52. In 2005 my husband took an early retirement which prompted me to do the same thing.  After twenty plus years at a job I loved at Rutgers University we packed up and moved to Florida.  Although we absolutely love our friends and our house here my husband has had numerous health issues so once the pandemic has passed we will be returning to New Jersey to be close by our family.  If you don’t know this by now, Eileen, your president, is my sister.  
I haven’t been quilting that long.  Maybe eight years. I was always captivated by the quilts my sister made and she just kept urging we to try it.  She had confidence in me and she had no doubt I’d love it.   So the rest is history. I took myself down to West Palm Beach to a Mancuso show.  Bought a Juki and have been at it ever since.  She recently pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to make a Minecraft quilt, with Gods knows, how many little pieces for my grandson.  I turned out amazing and she continues to inspire me to this day.
I love everything about modern quilts. The clean lines. The bright colors. But I truly believe it is the actual quilting that brings them to life. I don’t have a longarm but am looking forward to learning on Eileens once we get home.
I haven’t had any classes in the past two years but I have taken quite a few at our locally at the Dragonfly Quilt Shop in Vero Beach FL. I’ve been so fortunate to become great friends with the owner and she has introduced me to some of the most beautiful and talented women. Thru some of the events I’ve attended I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Alex Veronelli (Aurifill), Jennie Doan and Victoria Finely Wolfe. I know bringing a speaker to the guild is probably wildly expense but maybe I could reach out and see how the local shops down here were able to do it.
Prior to the pandemic I belonged to two book clubs but that like everything else has been put on hold due to the Covid. I was actually thinking about starting a virtual one if anyone has an interest let me know.
I have email and check it daily so feel free to reach out.  The last thing I would like to say is that I love the feel of your guild. Each and every one of you have always made me feel so welcomed each time I’ve been in NJ. You ladies are amazingly talented and not shy to share your gift with others.  Thank you for including me.