September 2021 Minutes

Call to Order by President Eileen

To bring everyone up to speed Eileen shared with us that our guild was founded in Ocean Grove in 2012 and currentl has 13 members who have a variety of skill levels and follow both Modern and Traditional design and our guild is open to all.  Dues are currently $40/year plus $10 for new members. Dues include membership in the Modern Quilt Guild and access to its amenities for examples webinars and monthly programs. Monthly meetings have previously been on the second Saturday of the month at the Colts Neck Reformed Church and are frequently followed by a Sew-In. 

Members are reminded that nominations are needed for any interest in President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.  Currently President and Vice President as well as Secretary and Treasurer are combined due a lack of interest.  Elections are in December. We are also in need of a Web Mistress.

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month   NA

Treasurer’s Report Current balance of $726.50 (incorrect this has been corrected to $979.66)

Standing Committee Reports

Charity (now known as Community Outreach)                  Chairman Eileen D

Chair Eileen asked for a vote to change the name of this Committee to Community Outreach.  A vote was made- All in Favor

Wonky Quilt made by several members was recently donated to Team Shamrock for their Never Forget Auction held in August at Bar A.  There were 600 attendees and a profit of $40,000 was reported. 

Team Shamrock has also reached out to us to make a quilt for their next Smart Home recipient Ben Webb. June will keep in touch with TS for timeline info as well possible color way ideas for the quilt.  Eileen presented a Modern Quilt idea that she found on the MQG site. It is called Intersection by Martha Yang, Members agreed to use it.  We will buy the fabrics and present the kits to our members early in 2022.

Mary’s By the Sea has been using the quilts we made and donated to them in early 2019.  We will reach out to them to find out when we should plan make the next group of quilts to them. 

Fund Raising                    Chairman Brandy B

Deb Hathaway Hunter introduced the idea of a creating Barn Quilts on plywood.  The guild was in favor.  Deb hopes to do this next June over the course of 2 days.  Participants will give proposed quilt ideas to Deb.  She will give each participant: wood, paint, template, brush for a set fee that will give a profit as a fundraiser.  

MQG                                  Chairman (Open)

President Eileen reminded members that their $40 yearly dues will be due beginning in October.  Members are encouraged to utilize the many online features that have recently been updated.  Several members were able enjoy the annual Quilt Con event virtually in the Spring of 2021

Membership would like to have a tutorial event on how to use the MQG web site.

Programs                          Chairman Deb H

Barn Quilt Fundraiser

Quilt Airing at the lake in front of her home Spring 2022

Sew Ins                              Chairman Brandy B

None planned at this time

Social Networking

Eileen clearly stated that membership needs to step up to take on this responsibility.  New member Laura Schafer volunteered that she would be interested in taking this on in 2022.

Old Business

Deb H reviewed the Quilt of Valor that was made during a Maker Fair at the Monmouth Library in 2018.  The quilt is done and while a video was made by the library to describe it, the quilt has never been displayed.  Deb H asked for any ideas for it’s donation. It would be appropriate to have it donated on Veteran’s Day 2021.

New Business

Resumption of in person meetings has begun!  Ironically, we have been presented with two meeting location opportunities: Colts Neck Community Church and Old Spool Sewing Studio (Brielle)

Church would require sanitary maintenance done by our guild at the close of a meeting and no storage as well as no disability access and the cost of monthly space rental and proof of insurance. 

Studio would mean a return to evening meetings in a public space, we believe that insurance would not be required, members would have access to the Old Spool retail experience as well as being able to have a Sew In setting in a disability accessible setting at no charge.  One challenge would be using this space for a Sew In.  Note however that there are 10 sewing machines in the setting that can be used. This alliance would be nice as we are the Jersey Shore MQG and now we would be at the shore. Our guest reminded us that her former guild grew to over 100 members and this became an issue with meeting at Pennington Quilt Works.  The members were in favor of this new opportunity and Eileen and June will report back after another meeting with the owner.

Name Tags- members are encouraged to wear their name tags each month.  Eileen asked the members for ideas and other input.  Deb H suggested that we make our own as no one volunteered to chair this idea. 

JSMQG will celebrate its 10th anniversary in January.  Eileen asked for any ideas or input to mark this anniversary. National does not have any specific things that denote these celebrations.

There is an upcoming Quilt Show in Flemington on Nov. 6, 2021.

Quilt Project Sharing

Each person did the following: Hung quilt for display and photo, stated Fabric and Pattern used, spoke of Inspiration and Answered Questions

Monthly Program

None for this month

Member Update:

Michelle Lewis has moved to South Carolina.  Members are asked to keep Rosemary Crerand in their thoughts as she assists her husband and attempts to move North.

Guest Laura Schafer was welcomed. Laura is a former member of the Central Jersey MQG.  She chose to join at this first meeting after meeting us at our recent Quilter’s Yard Sale.

Meeting adjourned at 2 PM Our next meeting is set to be held at the home of Linda Duffy on Brinley Avenue in Bradley Beach.  Oct. 9 at 10.30 AM

Members Present: June M, Eileen D, Deb L, Deb H, Brandy B, Sheree M, Linda D, Pam H, Bonnie H, Laura S