Quilts For Today and Tomorrow Exhibit

Our first exhibit, commemorating our tenth anniversary as a guild, was a whopping success! The month long event at the Belmar Arts Council was well attended by the public, we had viewers still coming in as we were taking the show down. Opening Reception was literally standing room only. Refreshments, wine, and entertainment provide by local musician, Matt Trice, was enjoyed by all. I do believe records were broken at the BAC!

There were 56 quilt entries from the JSMQG and 7 entries from the public. Without these two men it would’ve taken so much longer than the two days it did to hang the entire show.

Linda D, June M, Eileen D, Steve and Chris M, The hanging crew!
Our quilt hangers enjoying a meal post exhibit compliments of the JSMQG members, well deserved!

The exhibit, opening reception, and the response from the public went far beyond any expectations I had, it was nothing short of phenomenal.

The people have spoken! Viewers Choice went to Rosemary C for her ‘Suitcase’ quilt, her inspiration came from a cross country move while still working and good friend who opened her doors and let her live out of her suitcase temporarily. Nicely done! Rosemary went home with a gift card to Old Spool Sewing Studio!

Some of the quilts that were on display. There is an awful lot of talent amongst us!

MaryJane P and Laura S
June M
MaryEllen C and Deb H selling raffle tickets and mystery fabric bags while manning the show. We had members taking turns there for the entire month, to answer questions.
Pam H and her mom enjoying the opening reception.
“Jersey Shore Waves” a raffle quilt made by our members. Tickets still available by contacting a member or through our website http://www.jerseyshoremqg.com. Drawing to be held on June 8,2023

Success! A great experience all around. With the influx of new members, this event allowed us to take time to form new friendships and bond as a guild. We are more than just a group of quilters, we are friends! Here’s to us!! The Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild. See you in 2025!!


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