January Show and Tell

Apologies for the delay – your loyal webmistress was down and out with a stomach bug at the last meeting, so it took me a bit to get all the pictures from our last meeting. Without further ado, onto the the parade o’ quilts!

Eileen D. brought in her completed Minecraft Quilt as well as her modern take on a Christmas Tree Quilt for the holidays….

img_5736 image1

Michelle stunned us, as always, with her gorgeous work – this time a wedding ring quilt in yellow and blue…


Deb H brought in her epic star quilt…


Kat showed off her mind bending maze quilt – love the optical illusion it creates!


Bonnie B brought her rainbow quilt to share…


Diane showed off her “Stretched Hexies” Quilt


Phyllis showed off the her eye catching mod flower quilt top…


Sherre brought in her finished “Patchwork City” quilt…


And Deb L showed off her finished Circles quilt!


If I missed any designers or patterns used, or if your quilt has a special name, leave me a comment below and I will make sure to add that into our January show and tell. Thank you1 -Your webmistress, Shannon

3 thoughts on “January Show and Tell

    • Hi Joan, Welcome! Our next meeting is March 15th at 7 pm, at Colts Neck Reformed Church – we meet upstairs in the rectory building to the right of the church, right by the road. Please let me know if you have any other questions, Sincerely, Shannon Silver, webmistress


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