Another jam packed meeting at Old Spool Sewing Studio, where we once again added two new members! Warm welcome to Camille and Laura, we’re happy to have you on board!!

We are just weeks away from our first ever quilt exhibit and knee deep in planning, organizing and advertising. We have a gorgeous quilt to raffle, with all proceeds to fund supplies we need to continue to support the community with quilts and handmade items for donation and fundraisers.

Jersey Shore Waves, made by the members of the JSMQG

If you are reading this blog, we surely hope to see you at the Belmar Arts Center between February 13th and March 11th 2023 to see our work! There will be an Opening Reception with entertainment on February 18th from 3-5pm, come and join us and say hi! Information about the show and the Arts Center can be found here https://www.belmararts.org/

Our resident bag maker and entrepreneur Pam H, gave a wonderful presentation on everything zippers! She went through every possible zipper choice and their applications.

Here Pam is talking about her first sewing book from grade school!
And her first sewing project from 3rd grade!

Our monthly Block Lotto program is always wildly poplar. Brooke introduces a block to us every month and gives us instructions and design parameters and we all make one block. The blocks are collected and one winner takes them home to make a quilt for themselves. Here’s Januarys blocks on display, a poinsettia

And June M, was our lucky winner! Stay tuned for February and some scrappy hearts

As always our members have been busy creating

Denise R had this gorgeous quilt to show, what a great color combination!
MaryJane is participating in a mystery quilt with Bonnie Hunter, again that color combination is beautiful!
New member Camille showed us her puppy, pillow that is! How cute is he??
And a really clever embroidery case that Camille created as a gift for a friend!!
MaryEllen’s brother brought her back these amazing fabrics from a trip to Africa and here’s what she did with a few of them. The black background really makes these pop. Just gorgeous!
And an improv art quilt MaryEllen created, she’s incredibly talented!
Elizabeth had this dragonfly quilt to show, she has this thing for dragonflies!
And another great one from Elizabeth.
Linda D made this for her husband but apparently it’s too short for him and so back to the machine she goes!
Eileen D finally got this quilted from an improvisational curves class she took earlier this year at Old Spool Sewing. She tried some freehand quilting on her longarm.
June showed us this tablecloth she had created.
And a runner that June created with leftovers from another project and she embellished it with machine embroidery
Linda D showed us a project she took on this past summer. She had a beautiful, 50 year old, full length wool coat that the lining had become worn and shredded in some places. She removed it, made waxed paper patterns and replaced the entire lining with this fun fabric she picked up at Old Spool. Bravo Linda!
And we had a sneak peek of Brandy’s art quilt for our exhibit. Can’t wait to see this one finished!

That’s it for January, if you’re looking for us we’ll be at our machines getting ready for our exhibit.

2 thoughts on “January

  1. This is for Nathalie S and the Guild. I attended Mary
    place and received your amazing quilt. Its one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and matched my home décor perfectly. You are an angel for giving me this gift when I most needed it. THANK YOU!!!!!


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