Community Outreach

Not long ago, Brandy told us about a family in Jackson who had lost their home and pets in a fire. She asked us if we’d like to help her make them a quilt. JSMQG members are always at the ready to help so when Brandy asked for a couple of Wonky Cross blocks to construct a quilt for this family it will come as no surprise that she received so many she was able to assemble two quilts! Sherre donated her longarming services and quilted these up.

Fast forward to tonight, when Brandy and I headed over to meet Michelle and Warren for the first time at their rental home. What a nice couple! Michelle was excited to tell us that her grandmother was a quilter and of course they had many quilts from her and she clearly could relate to the power of quilts. So just in time for quilt weather and while they’re waiting for their home to be rebuilt, Michelle and Warren were overjoyed to receive their new quilts from us. Just look at those happy faces, doesn’t that say it all!!

Once again the JSMQG comes to the aid of our community! Thank you ladies!

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