August and Ocean Waves

Not to sound like a broken record but gosh there is so much happening for our little guild!!! We are adding new members almost monthly and last night was no exception as we welcomed Denise to our guild. And, we had a surprise visit from our favorite Coast Star reporter, Brigit Carlson, whose interest is both personal and professional. She brought a photographer along who was trying to capture the chaos of a group of women assembling an ambitious quilt. Speaking of which, we had a very brief meeting, mainly about our upcoming quilt exhibit at the Belmar Arts Council, which now has an official name, Quilts For Today and Tomorrow!! Post meeting our goal for the night was to assemble our Ocean Waves quilt which will be showcased at the exhibit and raffled off, the proceeds of which the will be used to fund our community outreach work. Call me corny but it was super heartwarming to see all hands on deck, including Brigit who jumped right in and did the pressing, and to witness Helen’s hard work and vision come together by, and I quote our hostess and cheerleader Julia, the “magical members of the JSMQG” it is going to be a beautiful quilt.

So here’s a few shots of the Ocean Waves quilt coming together

See you in September when we return to our regular meeting.

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