Who doesn’t love a baby quilt?

We love making baby quilts here at JSMQG! Here’s a round-up of a few of our favorites!

In 2015 I made this clamshell quilt for a little guy who is turning two soon…


And last week presented this one to his mama for his new little sister! – Shannon


From Eileen – “Here’s one I made in 2014, for a new great nephew. His mom told me she liked woodland animals and when I saw Jaybird Quilts make this using her Chopsticks pattern and a new fabric line for Dear Stella, I decided to totally copy it 🙂. Funny thing is I got an early start because baby was due in September. He decided to make his debut late July and I had to literally channel my inner Eleanor Burns and make this “Quilt in a Day”!! Young Alonzo Carter had to stay in the NICU for quite some time and although I could not see him the nurses swaddled him in this quilt every single day and mom regularly sent me updates and pics. Lonzie will be three this year and is thriving and that quilt is his constant companion. He has a sister now too and the same goes for her and her quilt too. This past January, their family was awoken in the middle of a bone chilling cold night by the fire department as their building was on fire. Everyone got out safely and as Alonzo and Elise were sleeping under their quilts, they were saved. Sadly everything else was lost.  Thankfully all is well for this family and they are in a new home…

eileen baby

From Brandy: “My most recent baby quilt finish was the Appliquéd Anchor Quilt for my nephew Cullen which was presented at the baby shower held in his honor last January 2016. It included a custom label from Aunt B (me) to enter his birth information. He uses it as a play mat and it makes me happy to see him use it daily! I only wish I could be with him in Ohio to play there together more often!!!”

Brandy quilt

From Deb L.: “These 2 quilts were for the grandchildren of the woman’s blog I write for. (Brother and sister) The dad was from Kentucky horse country and the baby’s name was Wyatt. The sister, Juniper’s quilt colors were requested by the mom as the color for the nursery and mom loves birds! The cowboy quilt was from a book and the mom saw it before I made it to make sure she liked it. The other one I just made up after I had gather the fabrics in the colors I needed. I also showed her the fabrics to make sure they worked for what she wanted in the nursery.”

From Deb H: Here are the 2 I’ve made for my grandsons. First… The Periodic Table for my grandson whose daddy is a chemistry teacher. Please note that each of the element ‘families’ have matching backgrounds. Each letter was cut out by hand and then machine appliquéd to the square before being sewn randomly together and quilted. A labor of love!!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.18.28 PM
Second… Hunter’s Star was made for my 2nd grandson. I followed the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s tutorial. I chose the pattern because my last name is Hunter. The backing fabric was called Patriotic Star… because his daddy is in the Navy. Next up!!! I’m working on a Clamshell Baby Quilt as my son and daughter-in-law are expecting a little girl in August!!! WooHoo!
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.18.57 PM
From June M!: This a baby quilt set that I made for our first grandson. I wanted to duplicate one that was my baby quilt using decorative stitches and machine embroidery. I was so proud of the results. It was used in several advertisements during my career at Brother Int’l. I also showed how to make several parts of it on the PBS show Sew Beautiful with Martha Pullen.
image1 (1)

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