#Quiltnon – Experiencing QuiltCon East from home!

Here’s how to play along – you’ll need to dowload the Klikaklu app from the App store (no android version available 😦

Once the menu open, click “sign up”. It will ask you for the year you were born, then ask you to make a username, password, and submit your email address – so they can contact you if you win one of the (totally NOT virtual) quiltcon swag bags! MQG reccomends using your instagram handle as your username if you have one.

After you submit your info, you will see two options, “play a hunt” and “create a hunt”. Choose “Play a Hunt” – at this point you need to scan the QR code from the “digital goodie bag” email we received – this was a little tricky for me in that I needed to open my email on my tablet so I could scan the QR code with my phone, but it worked. To make your life easier, I’ve put the QR code here on our page. After that, click “continue” to go through the screeens till you get to the list of open clues. Start clicking on clues to start playing – more clues become available as you answer others!


Example: So, I clicked on the clue labeled “shopping”. It asked me to take a picture of my most recent quilty purchase. I took a picture of a rug I’m hooking (since it was the closest fabric related item on my desk, lol) and got a badge that says “You’ve completed the first clue. Only 12 more to go” The point of completing 12 is to be entered into the drawing for a real-life swag bag. Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope this helps!


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