December Meeting

Brandy’s mini spools quilt
The Sewing Studio made by Eileen
Linda’s modern Old Spool “tree” mini quilt
Deb L’s mini
Made by Sherre
Where’s my Glasses by June
Tula’s Skull mini made by Rosemary
Mary Jane’s mini
Another one by Mary Jane

Plans are in place for two more Community Outreach projects, as well as group Sew-Ins and instructional programs. Things are looking up for the JSMQG.

What a whirlwind the last few months of 2021 have been for the Jersey Shore MQG, we have seen our membership nearly double and counting and we’ve been gifted a new, fabulous meeting space by Julia of Old Spool Sewing Studio in Brielle NJ. As a token of our appreciation, we secretly sewed some mini quilts and presented them to Julia at the meeting. Each one is so unique! Stop by the studio and you can see them for yourself adorning the walls at Old Spool.

Deb H gave us some kits last month to make holiday/seasonal placemats as a community Outreach project, using up some donated fabric. I collected 32 placemats at the meeting!! More on that after the donation is made.

We also celebrated the season together with yummy treats as we watched the parade of Show and Tell projects.

Mary Ellen’s incredible art quilt mini
Another one from Mary Ellen!
Brooke’s patriotic quilt for her dad
This beauty by June M
June’s up cycled stocking quilt
A gorgeous Dresden quilt by Sherre
By Sherre
Mary Janes “Stash Inventory” quilt
Comparing Mary Jane’s to Nadine’s modern version
A seasonal pinwheel quilt by Nadine
Another one from Nadine
This beautiful Shore scene quilt by Virginia, the quilting on this one is so good!
A nautical flag quilt, also by Virginia
Some of our placemats that will be donated!

And that’s a wrap for December and 2021.

November Meeting

Our second meeting in our new space was less business and lots of fun. We met some more new friends and added new members to the guild which is so awesome. I predicted that post quarantine of this dreadful pandemic we would see a resurgence in the sewing/quilting arts after people dusted off their sewing machines to make masks and thought this is kind of fun, and the JSMQG is realizing exactly this as we are close to doubling our membership pre-pandemic!! I could not be happier!

We have lots in the works in the way of Community Outreach. Deb H put together kits for us to make seasonal placemats for donation, completed projects are due back at the December meeting. The return of Monthly Programs is exciting. In December we will talk about batting and the different varieties and uses. Everyone is encouraged to bring a sample of their favorite and I have gotten sample packs from Quilters Dream to pass out and talk about. There may be a door prize too! We currently have programs scheduled through May, think about what else you’d like to see in a program and what you would like to host one on. Two member lead bag making workshops are scheduled now for early next year and we’ll be doing those at a Saturday Sew-In.

A few reminders for next month: 1. bring your completed placemats, 2. A sample of your favorite batting, 3. Your go to place for free patterns and tutorials and 20 copies of one them to share/swap. 4. A treat or dessert to share for our holiday get together, and 5. Some show and tell.

And now some show and tell from this month, see you all in December!!

October Meeting

First meeting in the new space was a success, the space is perfect for us, our hosts are super gracious, there’s fabric shopping and we added four new members (five in the last two months). Yay!! This time of year, there is always a lot of business. Once that was out of the way, we were able to talk about plans for Community Outreach projects and Programs for education and instruction, and some Show and Tell.

Sherre snuggling her oversized tote bag that got a lot of interest from the crowd.
Three quilts made by Sherre
A little something festive from Linda to hang in her sewing room.

The start of something good!

Linda also made a few bowl cozies.
Eileen’s Dot and Dash quilt.
Another one from Eileen
A beautiful interlocking wall hanging made by June using needle turn appliqué

With so much to talk about and see and a little shopping, the time passed so quickly. Looking forward to next month and really getting to know our new members. Our first scheduled program will be next month. Brandy will lead us in how to navigate the MQG website. Make sure to bring a WiFi capable device and your log in information for the MQG website. Until then, happy sewing! Eileen

September Meeting

Brandy was kind enough to take some pictures from our September meeting. There’s was lots to show and tell.

Phew! That was a lot to see, but we haven’t been together in person for a while. It was nice that the members were able to see the completed quilt that started at the Monmouth County library’s Makers Day event, where children created a block from construction paper and our members recreated them in fabric. It will be donated to a local veteran!

And then we talked and ate and talked some more. A beautiful day!!

Jersey Shore MQG Gives

By now I’m sure most, if not all of you, have seen the quilt some of us put together for donation on social media. I had been sharing it as much as possible to promote the event that it went to. Team Shamrock was founded by Kathy Cunningham to honor and do good in the name of her brother, Donald Robertson Jr, who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Her brother had a shamrock tattoo, hence the name. Team Shamrock is one of the top fundraising teams for,, the Stephen Siller Foundation

We started this Wonky Cross quilt without a destination in mind and it’s completion just happened to coincide with the fundraiser at Bar Anticipation in Belmar. June reached out to Kathy and she was thrilled at the idea. This is not the first time we’ve worked with Kathy. If you recall we gave our Quilt Con charity quilt, the Shore Bird, to smart home recipient, Scott Nokes through Kathy and Team Shamrock.

On the night of the event, there were 600 attendees. Our Quilt was displayed in a basket and its description framed in acrylic. Kathy, whom I had the distinct pleasure of meeting when I handed the quilt off, gave our guild a lovely shout out. The event when it was all said and done, raised over $40,000!! That’s incredible and some 600 people heard about us! I’m proud of this and grateful to each of us that helped in the making.

Team Shamrock is in the process of building another smart home for a four time Purple Heart recipient veteran who suffers from severe PTSD and TBI. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Kathy has asked if we can make a quilt for him for his new home and we have agreed. We will talk more about that at our September meeting.

We as a guild have always been generous to the community, and it feels good to be doing that again!


An idea born out of a conversation about having too many quilting supplies turned out to be a success in every way. Going in, I had no expectation about a dollar amount from our little garage sale and besides our own members, friends and family I knew beforehand pretty much how many outsiders we would have. We had some donated tools, books, gadgets, fabrics and quilts in progress and lots of items donated by our own members. Two things happened, at the end of the the day we netted in the neighborhood of $235 and the “outsiders” became new friends!! More than that, we were together, in person, for the first time in almost a year and a half and it was wonderful. We talked, we laughed, we ate we had show and tell and it all felt so good and inspiring as always. I would like to thank every one of our members who helped make this possible, especially our “cashier” June and our amazing host Michelle. I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m looking forward to returning to in person meetings again soon.

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and its time to get your studio and supplies in order.  Your Jersey Shore MQG will be having its first ever Garage Sale/ Ugly Fabric Auction.  Get excited!!!  During a recent conversation with a fellow member, who shall remain nameless, she confessed to having six travel irons. What?!?  You may ask yourself, how can this happen, but the truth is we probably all have similar situations where we’ve misplaced something and bought new, or were out shopping at a show and we just couldn’t remember if we already had one of these tools.  I’ll admit I have more than one Dresden ruler to name one.  So here’s your chance to lighten your load, pick some things up at rock bottom prices and help us raise some funds for the guild.  Bring your tools you no longer want or need, books, patterns, you name it.  When I discussed this at our meeting last Saturday, someone asked what about ugly fabric and orphan blocks?  Bring It!!  I had sent out a group text to see who’s in and I am so happy with the response, so let’s do this!!

When:  Saturday, June 12th, 2021 11AM

Where:  This event will take place at Michelle’s house, outdoors, and I will send the address in an email.  (I need to set a rain date  with Michelle first)

Bring:  Whatever you want, just know that whatever doesn’t move you will have to bring home with you, but seriously “one man’s trash,,,”

We will have a very informal meeting first.  BRING A BAG LUNCH for yourself and a treat for the group in you want.  I have also approved with Michelle, INVITE LOCAL FRIENDS TO STOP BY AND BROWSE

More than anything, I am so excited to see all of you in person after such a long time,