June is just whizzing by but earlier this month we had the best outdoor meeting/get together at Brandys home. The weather turned out to be perfect, she was worried, I wasn’t, and it was just a beautiful night! I always say the business portion will be quick but to be honest our guild has almost doubled in size post pandemic and our group is so eager to participate in new challenges and projects that all the business seems to go on forever. But that is a good thing!

Business aside, we had a really fun game of “Pass the Presents”, the ugly fabric version and everyone went home with someone else’s “ugly” fabric and the challenge to make something out of it for our July meeting! I’m super excited to see what everyone comes up with. Newbie, Brooke completed hers the next day practically, can’t wait to see what she did. Julia had a game of sewing room bingo we all played and lucky June went home with a gift certificate to Julia’s shop, Old Spool Sewing! There was also a Mug Rug Swap for anyone who wanted to participate and that was fun too!

Helen had volunteered to take on the Quilt Con Community Outreach challenge quilt and she was able to tell us all her plan for the quilt and will be passing out fabric packages at our July meeting. It’s gonna be a beauty! Thanks Helen!

Deb Hunter gave us a little trunk show of her art quilt pieces to give us some inspiration for our own upcoming challenge. Interesting to see how she was inspired by things on trips she’s taken across the country and also right here on the Jersey Shore and used fabric bits to recreate them. Newer member, Mary Ellen, is going to give us some insight into how she creates those fantastic art pieces of hers at a meeting as well. So much talent in our little group!

Lots of show and tell and good food! A lot of food!! And the chance to relax outdoors and get to know our newer members better. Many, many thanks to Brandy for hosting us in her huge, gorgeous backyard, so huge we almost lost Brooke but that’s a story we’ll save for July!

A few of Deb’s art and landscape inspired quilts, including the one directly above entitled “Badlands”
Brooke showing us our Block Lotto assignment for next month. Mary Jane took home the June Block Lotto blocks!!
A few finished pieces from Sherre!
Love this table runner that Helen made!
June had a few finishes as well!
Eileen’s finished Beads quilt, which was donated to a local fundraiser the following day! She heard through the grapevine that they raised quite a bit of money with it!!
Elizabeth had a finish ready to get quilted too!

And a finished beauty from Mary Jane!

And how about that Brooke?! She claims she’s only been quilting for a short time but look at these three beauties she knocked out!! Impressive!
And last but certainly not least this beautiful piece by Mary Jane!

See you all in July, happy summer sewing!!

May 2022

Block lottos, donations, swaps, ideas oh my!! Another jam packed meeting full of great content and ideas for the future. Plans are currently in the works for a group picnic and swap, a new block lotto with a bonus block for a community outreach quilt, an art quilt mini challenge, and a committee formed for the Quilt Con community outreach project. Phew! I need a nap!!

June’s Around the Block in Lancaster quilt is finished!! She did some fabulous walking foot quilting on it.
One of our resident Tula Troops, Linda completed this amazing quilt
And Modern Handcraft’s Snowflake quilt made by Linda as well. What a beautiful back she made with all of the “bonus” cutoffs from the snowflake blocks 👏
Look at this beauty Elizabeth put together and that backing fabric she picked up right here at Old Spool Sewing!!
Another great quilt from Elizabeth!
Julia made Noodlehead’s Cresent Tote at our most recent sew-in and it looks great!
Expect to see more of the back of this jacket as Julia has been bitten by the Sashiko bug! And keep your eye open for more Sashiko classes at Old Spool Sewing Studio.
Sherre had three finished quilts to show us!
Brandy finished up the second of the wonky cross quilts that the group helped her make blocks for. She will be giving them to a family in Jackson who lost their home and pets in a fire.
Another one of Tulas Troop is Helen and she finished this most amazing quilt!!!
Just a few of Mary Janes creations including a block she made for a Canadian guild she’s a member of and that lovely blue and yellow quilt she threw together to include with our donation to a shop in Germany who’s collecting for displaced children from the Ukraine. Thank you for your generosity Mary Jane!
Laura put together yet another Looper quilt, fantastic!
Eileen finished her Beads quilt a pattern by Modern Handcraft.

Eileen made this Noodlehead Range Backpack, with fabrics she picked up at Old Spool as well as the pattern. It’s on display at the shop in case you’d like to make one too!

Last but certainly not least, our multi talented member, Pam, taught us fabric weaving as our monthly program. How cute is the fold over clutch she created with her weaved panel? Thank you Pam!


Just a few short months ago I asked the group if they’d be interested in either a Queen Bee or a Block Lotto. The consensus was for a block lotto. New, and very enthusiastic, member Brooke has taken on this challenge of coming up with a block every month and she’s doing a fabulous job! She is taking full advantage of the MQG website Block Study feature, as well as researching and coming up with some more traditional blocks. In April we made some scrappy double plus blocks and this month a traditional sailboat!

This has quickly become a really fun part of our monthly meetings. Congratulations to Mary Ellen on winning this bevy of boats and the JSMQG for our newest member Brooke, a most welcome addition to our group!!!

And That’s A Quilt Wrap!

At long last our Maker’s Day quilt is in its forever home, wrapping its owner in the best kind of hug, a Quilty hug!

The quilt that began its journey as our guild participating in the Makers Day festivities of 2019 in the Monmouth County Library Headquarters where 86 children designed “quilt” blocks with construction paper pieces and our members subsequently took those blocks and recreated them in fabric, is finally home! I had the pleasure of presenting it to Brian Sullivan at a Boy Scout event honoring him. Brian served in the Army from 1987-1990 and was called back in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm, where his unit became stranded in the desert outside Kuwait and was not rescued until after the ground war was over. Brian continued serving back at home in a leadership role in the Boy Scouts of Monmouth County and currently volunteers at a local hospital as part of a Veterans organization. A fitting recipient for a quilt crafted by youth in his home county, Brian was very grateful and moved. He was eager to get home and look at the binder filled with information about how the entire process came about.

This was a long time in the making and the gifting. No one would have predicted that a global pandemic would literally shut the world down when this idea we had was formulated. We went into Makers Day looking to garner interest in quilting from both the youth and the community, as membership in our own guild was waning. While we didn’t exactly accomplish that at Makers Day, the pandemic, in an odd way, managed to increase our membership as the community was locked down and an interest in sewing and quilting was born out of mask making! Go figure!

Many thanks to each and every member who participated in this project. Special thanks to Deb Hunter, whose brainchild this was and who worked out every minute detail right down to the chronicle she created to accompany the quilt.

And that’s a quilt wrap!

On a side note, after I gave my little speech about the guild, our community involvement and this quilt, the quilt was presented to Brian. He unfolded it and held it up for everyone to see and my six year old great nephew, who is part of the Boy Scout troop, shouted out “I give that an A+!!!” Thanks for the affirmation Jackson!

April 2022

Another fun meeting for the Jersey Shore MQG. Brooke was kind enough to volunteer to put together our blocks for the quilt we are donating to the latest smart home recipient of Team Shamrock/Tunnel to Towers. Eileen quilted it on her longarm using an edge to edge design called “bayside”. We were striving for a low key beachy/serene vibe and I think we’ve nailed it but you decide.

It will be on its way to its new home next week!

Last month, I suggested we have a monthly block lotto and it was well received. Our first one was this month. We all made ‘double plus’ blocks, scrappy version and the winner, Rosemary C took home 32 blocks!!! Just fabulous! Stick around for next months sailboat version

Sherre gave us some good advice about squaring your quilt, the proper way to add borders, and assembling a backing. She also gave us some insight into how to prepare your quilts for a longarmer There were some very enlightening moments for us in this monthly program.

Eileen inquired if anyone would care to join her in making some quilt blocks to send off to a shop owner in Germany who is assembling quilts for displaced children from Ukraine. Also very well received and she will be collecting them at the May meeting. Any 12 1/2” block in blue and yellow, the Ukrainian flag colors.

We have a sew-in on the 23rd which will be a free sew, work on whatever you like! This is a good opportunity to just come and hang out and get to spend some quality time with your fellow members. And shop, of course!!

Here’s a little show and tell for your viewing pleasure. Happy sewing!

Sherre had a few finishes from a virtual retreat she attended with GE Designs!

Carol made this awesome tree skirt for her daughter!
Elizabeth has been busy!! Look at all of these finishes she had to show us this month!!
Laura attended Mandy’s Looper class at Old Spool Sewing and isn’t that just great!!
Look at June finishing that UFO from our February UFO challenge, way to go!!!
Inspired by a window she sees every day while working out at the Atlantic Club, June created this wall hanging and quilted it using some tips from Jacquie Guering’s walking foot quilting book. Stunning!
Two quilts in one, a finish from Mary Jane, this double sided quilt! Great job!!
First of two quilts that the group make blocks for Brandy to assemble and donate to a local family who lost their home and pets in a fire. Quilted by Sherre. #teamwork
Brooke showing us some samples she whipped up for our next block lotto.
Admiring all of our double plus block submissions for the monthly block lotto.

Take note of our mini quilts hanging in the studio, which were gifts for our lovely host Julia, a token of our appreciation for sharing her welcoming space with us, we are so grateful.

Back to our regularly scheduled sewing, see you next month!!

Block Lotto

The response to our first group Block Lotto was fantastic!! Last night Rosemary won these 31 (and another one coming from Nadine who couldn’t be with us) double plus 12 1/2” blocks. What an excellent, modern quilt this will be!! Brooke has chosen a sailboat block for this months and instructions were passed out. I’ll be sending them in an email, as well for those who couldn’t make the meeting.

Generally speaking I think we should establish a few things about the monthly Block Lotto. I’ve been looking at what other guilds do and here’s what I’ve come up with.

– monthly instructions will be for a 12 1/2” unfinished block. Exceptions will be for smaller blocks that when sewn together will finish at 12” I.e. (4) 6 1/2” or (2) 6 1/2” x 12 1/2”. (My reason behind the large block is that when you win you will have something substantial to create a top)

– one block = one entry except in the case where you need multiples to make a 12 1/2” block I.e. (2) 6 1/2” x 12 1/2” or (4) 6 1/2” and then (2) 6 1/2” x 12 1/2” = one entry and (4) 6 1/2” = one entry.

– you are encouraged to make as many as you like every month but at least one.

-if you are unable to attend the meeting when blocks are due, please make arrangements to get them to someone or to bring them the following month.

– once you win, we should expect to see your completed quilt top or quilt within 6 months to a year.

– in fairness to all of the participants, once you win you will be expected to continue participating; however, you won’t be eligible to win again until the following year.

Have fun and enjoy the process!! Brooke and I will be alternating months to come up with blocks. If you have an idea for us by all means email me or Brooke and we’ll be sure to include it. My goal is to present you with fun blocks with a modern aesthetic and maybe some new or alternative techniques for us to try. I have been scouring the MQG website and their “block study” segments and you can expect to see me taking full advantage of these freebies. I strongly encourage everyone to get on the MQG website and take advantage of the resources and webinars, these are free to you with your membership and there is a wealth of information on there. If you’re having difficulty navigating their website, reach out to Brandy for guidance.

Happy sewing!!


The Jersey Shore Modern Quilt Guild is always looking for ways to serve our community and in keeping with that we collaborated with member Julia, owner of Old Spool Sewing Studio, in a day of sewing for others this past Saturday, March 26th. Julia recruited young sewists and together with our members we made over forty zipper pouches for The Village NJ, a closet for foster families to “shop” for all of their needs located in Point Pleasant NJ. We also collected travel size toiletries to fill the pouches from members, the young students and the community and in the end were able to donate a huge tub to Jackie from The Village along with a monetary donation from Julia. It was a wonderful day of sewing, we were so impressed with the skills of the young people and I’m not sure who had more fun, them or us! Thank you to everyone who participated!!

Preparing for the arrival of our young counterparts!
Mary Jane and Brooke taking a break before our students arrive.
Seasoned sewists working on their own!
The concentration!!
A sewing superstar!
Brandy giving instructions on pouch construction.
Natalie and Elizabeth helping some students.

A few finished pouches, we were so impressed with these kids!!

More scenes from a fabulous day of giving!

Sew For Others Day at Old Spool

The Jersey Shore MQG in collaboration with Julia of Old Spool Sewing Studio will be holding a sew for others day on March 26th. We will be assisting Julia’s young sewing enthusiasts in constructing zipper pouches which will be filled with trial size toiletries and donated to the Village NJ in Point Pleasant, a closet for foster families.

February Meeting

A quick virtual hiatus and we were back in person in February, yay! It was a fabulous meeting, so much fun!! Seeing everyone’s UFOs and their stories and reasons why they’re not finished was really entertaining. But we’re gonna get them done, after all there’s some $$ on the line.

We’ve got some fun new things happening in the coming months. Block lottos, fabric challenges, sew-ins and bag making. I’m particularly excited for the sew-in with Julia’s students, making toiletry bags for a local organization. That will be a fun day and for a good cause. We’ve also got everyone making blocks for our donation quilt for the next “smart home” recipient of Team Shamrock/Tunnel to Towers. And Brandy received quite a few blocks for the donation quilt she’s making for a family who lost their home and pets in a fire.

Now that Pam and Julia schooled us in using a serger maybe we can all get together and take a garment making class. That would be fun!

And now the parade of projects.

Pam is vowing to get this finished and it will be her first quilt!!
June’s One Block Wonder that she got stumped on!
Linda’s UFO for her son, she’s definitely going to finish this one!
Brooke got stuck on the quilting on this one for her aunt but she’s all set to finish now
Virginia thought this looked a little wonky so she never finished it. Looked perfect to the rest of us!!b
Another UFO that Virginia is going to finish up!
Mary Jane has a few to finish but she’s motivated to get them done!!
This looks like a finish, and it is, except Sherre has taken each of these blocks and made an entire quilt from the one block. She has one left and that’s what she is calling her UFO
Two completed tops from Brandy, that’s quite an accomplishment!
Pam showing us the bag she created for Sew It Yourself, where it was recently announced that she is one of their Experts 👏👏
Julia made this bag for an upcoming class she’s teaching at Old Spool and another recent finish are those slacks she’s wearing!!
Linda’s heart quilt, a gift for a friends baby, from a pattern in American Patchwork and Quilting. Gorgeous.
Newest member Nadine wowed is with her ‘hearts and pinwheels’ table topper. Love the red and teal combination.
Brooke also finished this cute tote, made with Tula Pink’s ‘Handmade’ fabric!!
June completed her Around the Block in Lancaster quilt along piece. Several of us participated in this with the Lancaster MQG, virtually. And then she went on to put together Modern Handcraft’s snowflake quilt, a gift for her granddaughter’s Sweet Sixteen. She’s been busy!!
Eileen’s Haulin Stash quilt top, ready to get quilted.
Eileen also finished this one from a quilt along that went on virtually during lockdown.
And lastly Pam and Julia gave us a tutorial on Sergers!

December Meeting

Brandy’s mini spools quilt
The Sewing Studio made by Eileen
Linda’s modern Old Spool “tree” mini quilt
Deb L’s mini
Made by Sherre
Where’s my Glasses by June
Tula’s Skull mini made by Rosemary
Mary Jane’s mini
Another one by Mary Jane

Plans are in place for two more Community Outreach projects, as well as group Sew-Ins and instructional programs. Things are looking up for the JSMQG.

What a whirlwind the last few months of 2021 have been for the Jersey Shore MQG, we have seen our membership nearly double and counting and we’ve been gifted a new, fabulous meeting space by Julia of Old Spool Sewing Studio in Brielle NJ. As a token of our appreciation, we secretly sewed some mini quilts and presented them to Julia at the meeting. Each one is so unique! Stop by the studio and you can see them for yourself adorning the walls at Old Spool.

Deb H gave us some kits last month to make holiday/seasonal placemats as a community Outreach project, using up some donated fabric. I collected 32 placemats at the meeting!! More on that after the donation is made.

We also celebrated the season together with yummy treats as we watched the parade of Show and Tell projects.

Mary Ellen’s incredible art quilt mini
Another one from Mary Ellen!
Brooke’s patriotic quilt for her dad
This beauty by June M
June’s up cycled stocking quilt
A gorgeous Dresden quilt by Sherre
By Sherre
Mary Janes “Stash Inventory” quilt
Comparing Mary Jane’s to Nadine’s modern version
A seasonal pinwheel quilt by Nadine
Another one from Nadine
This beautiful Shore scene quilt by Virginia, the quilting on this one is so good!
A nautical flag quilt, also by Virginia
Some of our placemats that will be donated!

And that’s a wrap for December and 2021.

November Meeting

Our second meeting in our new space was less business and lots of fun. We met some more new friends and added new members to the guild which is so awesome. I predicted that post quarantine of this dreadful pandemic we would see a resurgence in the sewing/quilting arts after people dusted off their sewing machines to make masks and thought this is kind of fun, and the JSMQG is realizing exactly this as we are close to doubling our membership pre-pandemic!! I could not be happier!

We have lots in the works in the way of Community Outreach. Deb H put together kits for us to make seasonal placemats for donation, completed projects are due back at the December meeting. The return of Monthly Programs is exciting. In December we will talk about batting and the different varieties and uses. Everyone is encouraged to bring a sample of their favorite and I have gotten sample packs from Quilters Dream to pass out and talk about. There may be a door prize too! We currently have programs scheduled through May, think about what else you’d like to see in a program and what you would like to host one on. Two member lead bag making workshops are scheduled now for early next year and we’ll be doing those at a Saturday Sew-In.

A few reminders for next month: 1. bring your completed placemats, 2. A sample of your favorite batting, 3. Your go to place for free patterns and tutorials and 20 copies of one them to share/swap. 4. A treat or dessert to share for our holiday get together, and 5. Some show and tell.

And now some show and tell from this month, see you all in December!!