Fabric Basket or Bucket Swap @ December Meeting!

At our December meeting, we’ll be swapping handmade fabric baskets or buckets of our choice filled with $15 worth of goodies. Make sure to bring your gift wrapped to heighten the suspense.
Feel free to use the basket pattern of your choice – The Sewing Loft has a great pattern round-up with finished pics of each basket. The free bucket pattern we sent via e-mail can also be found here: Fabric Bucket Pattern. If you’d like to make the ever popular “One Hour Basket”,  the pattern (by Hearts and Bees) can be purchased for $1 on Craftsy.  The info page on Craftsy has pictures of just about every variation you can imagine!  If anyone is not a member of Craftsy or has a problem trying to buy the pattern, please let us know.



Eileen is collecting blocks to send to the Las Vegas MQG chapter as part of their #quiltsforvegas initiative. The pattern requested is Cluck Cluck Sew’s “Grayscale” block, and each quilt will also include a heart block (the same design that was used for #quiltsforpulse). The quilts are being made in whites and bright primary colors (prints ok). Eileen will be collecting at our next meeting – please contact her with any questions you might have. Thank you.



Sew Together Bag Class With Eileen – at next month’s sew in!

We know them, we love them, we covet them – our own Eileen D is going to lead us through the somewhat daunting process of making our own Sew Together Bags at our September sew-in: Here’s the info! The pictures above are a few examples of front panels Eileen has made up for this class.

Hey kids, September is right around the corner and if you are interested in taking my “class” at the September Sew In we should probably talk about school supplies!!
First, and foremost, you will need to purchase the pattern. It is the Sew Together Bag and it is available for purchase at sewdemented.com in PDF form for $12.  I have been told it is available in some quilt shops but I don’t remember which.  If you do purchase in PDF form make certain you print in “Actual Size” as there is one paper pattern piece included.
Before you consider fabric choices and how you may or may not want to piece or embellish your Exterior Panel, I strongly urge you to use Instagram and check out the hashtags for some super creative ideas   #sewtogetherbag #sewtogetherin2017 and #sewtogethersewalong  or simply use Google Image and search Sew Together Bag.  
Exterior Fabric:  The pattern calls for one Fat Quarter of fabric.  Now if you want to simply have your exterior made from a single piece of fabric this is the way to go.  If you would like your Exterior Panel to be made from patchwork or some other form of piecing please keep in mind that the actual, unfinished size of the panel is  13 1/2 x 9 3/4 inches and this piecing needs to be completed before the class.
Lining Fabric:  1/2 yard x WOF  Self explanatory and this will yield all the same interior bag linings.  I would stick to this for your first go at it, but you certainly don’t have to.  If you want to go all out and use more than one interior lining fabric you will need to cut four pieces,
B1, B2, B3, and B4   8 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches.  The fabric you need for the side panels (the actual pattern piece included in the pattern) is  also included in the lining fabric 1/2 yard.
Pocket Lining Fabric:  1/3 yd xWOF   Again this will yield three pocket lining of the same fabric.  Here I like to use three different fabrics and simply cut (2) 4 x 9 3/4 inch pieces of three (3) different fabrics and use some colorful, coordinating zippers.
Binding: 1 Fat Quarter
Batting or Fusible Fleece: (1) 18 x 22 inch piece.  I personally, use a thin batting but either is perfect and work equally the same.
Interfacing: 1 yard of lightweight fusible.  I highly recommend Pellon ShapeFlex SF101.  Me personally, I would not bother using anything else.  (I am not being paid to say that!!)
Zippers: (1) 18 inch zipper.  This is for the outside of the bag and there is no deviating in size.  (3) 9 inch zippers: This size is perfectly fine: however, if you fear the zipper I urge you to buy longer such as 12 inch or any size that is longer than 9.  I do not fear the zipper and I always use longer because it allows me to easily install it without the fear and the bulk of the zipper pull and stop and we will cut it after we finish installing it. NYLON ZIPPERS ONLY – NO METAL ZIPPERS!!
You can definitely pick up zippers at Joanns or Walmart. I order mine in bulk from Zipit and I will be placing an order before we have class so if anyone wants one in particular let me know I will include it in my order and I do own a lot already and I share nicely.
I love hearing from all of you so if you have and questions or concerns call or text me.
Next up, things you need to do prior to class!!
You guys are going to love this bag!  Thanks for having the confidence in me to teach it to you..


Time for a Fabric Pull!

At this month’s meeting we will be finding out more about the prep for this year’s QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt – remember, the theme this year is modern traditionalism – something I think our group really excels at! The Charity Quilt committee has asked that we pull tone on tone fabrics from our personal stashes in this year’s colors – remember, solids and prints are both ok, but the prints cannot contain colors outside of the palette below. Scraps? We got this. 🙂

QC18+Palette (1)

Manchester Quilting Bee Info

manchester quilting bee

Hey all! Our tried and true charity chairwoman, Eileen, will be collecting hexagon blocks for the Manchester Quilting Bee effort. We would love to see everyone contribute at least one if you can find the time! Here are the details (and here’s a link to all their info on facebook: Manchester Quilting Bee). A very  brief summary: Use the templates linked below to create a 5″ hexie that can stand up to washing, then applique it onto a 6.5″ fabric square – please don’t trim the fabric underneath the hexie, as they’d like to keep it for stability. If you are making several, feel free to piece them together. Eileen will be collecting and mailing, or you can mail directly to Chris in Jersey City – just make sure to mail so they arrive before June 11th!  But first a little background info: Why hexies? Why bees? In the 1800s Manchester was awash with textile mills that were commonly described as ‘hives of activity’ and the workers inside them compared to bees. It has been a symbol of the city ever since – I’ve included some images of bee artwork found in and around Manchester as inspiration below. Embroidery and piecing are welcomed as part of your hexagon design.

“This project is already growing far larger and quicker than we ever imagined – thanks so much for wanting to be involved.

Realising that we’re probably going to receive a large number of hexies, we’ve decided to save time in piecing them by asking you to applique them onto squares of fabric (instructions below). If you’d prefer to send just the hexies that’s fine too but you’ll appreciate that it’ll be easier for us to work with squares and to adapt any discrepancies in size 😀

Block Instructions:
Size: to create a 5″ hexie – you can use the google doc or dropbox template provided in the links below – please unclick ‘fit to page’ and print out at actual size or 100%. Alternatively, the length of each hexie side is 2-7/8″ and the distance across the block is: flat side to a flat side 5″; point to point 5-3/4″. The unfinished block is 5″ and there is a 1/4″ seam so the workable, finished block is 4-1/2″.

Template Links:


Fabric + Embellishment: please use any colour of quilting weight cotton to make your blocks. Blocks can be left blank or embroidered, appliqued or decorated in any way, but must be able to survive a wash, and any beading or raised decoration should be away from the 1/4″ seam.

Papers: if you use a paper template to create your hexie and don’t wish to applique it to a fabric square (see below) we don’t mind whether you remove or leave the paper in place when mailing. For ease, we’ll be quilting most of these hexies directly onto a larger fabric but some may still be joined using the EPP method, we’re happy to receive with or without paper 😀

Applique: in an update to our original instructions we would love you to machine or hand raw-edge or turn-edge applique the hexies onto 6-1/2″ fabric squares (please remove papers before appliquing). When complete, don’t trim away fabric from behind the hexie as the square fabric will help stabilise the block. If you make more than one block feel free to join them together. We’re trying to make the piecing process faster now it seems like there will be a larger response than initially envisaged and this will allow us to machine piece the blocks easily. Note: if you have already made your hexies, as in the original instructions posted, you are still welcome to send them in as hexies. However, given the scale things have grown to, it will be helpful, but not essential, if you can applique them to squares 😀

Deadline: we now have a deadline for receiving blocks – Monday, 11 June 2017.

UK mailing address:
Michelle Burridge
c/o Manchester Quilting Bee
25 Stretford Road,
M41 9JY

US mailing address – ONLY AVAILABLE UP TO 11 JUNE 2017
(please don’t send items to arrive after 11 June as Chris is travelling to Britain to deliver the items that week and then moving home. Items arriving after that date may not arrive/be lost so, please send late items to the UK address only)

Chris Dodsley @made by ChrissieD
c/o Manchester Quilting Bee
110 River Drive #2307
Jersey City
NJ 07310

Canada mailing address:
Amanda Elias @Atelier Fiber Arts
c/o Manchester Quilting Bee
3993 rue Wellington,
Verdun, Quebec, Canada
H4G 1V6

Getting Involved
If there are any quilting groups who could get involved it would be hugely appreciated!

Piecing Parties
We’ll be updating the page with news of piecing parties once the blocks have arrived.

We’d love backing + binding fabric and batting/wadding donations along with offers for long arm/machine quilting services. Please private message us 😀

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to message! We’re completely new to all of this and a bit overwhelmed by the response so far! 😀