Kat’s May 2016 QB Directions

May’s Queen Bee is Kat. Here are her instructions…

Here are,hopefully, easier to follow instructions for the queen bee block. Strips can be either cut or torn, they don’t need to be uniform or cut using a straight edge or ruler. The width of the strips can be anywhere from 2 1/2 inches on down to whatever width you want. Start at a corner on the top of the paper and go down diagonally to a corner on the bottom of the page – it does not matter if it goes from right to left or left to right. The first strip, the one that goes diagonally from one corner to another, is placed right side up and the strip that you want to sew onto it is faced right side down on top of it. Accurate 1/4 inch seems are not necessary. After sewing two strips together, fold the most recently soon strip over so that right side is now facing upward and finger press. Pressing it with an iron is not necessary. Subsequent strips are sewn in like manner, right side down against right side up strip previously soon. Pressing the block afterwords is not necessary either. Please leave the paper on the block.

These blocks are a great stash/ scrap buster. It’s also great to have cut strips on hand when you want to make some string blocks, put them aside, go back to them when you just feel like sewing and not have anything particular in mind. They go quickly and are fun to make.


String Blocks for May QB