October 2017 Minutes

Call to Order by President Sheree.  Our president reminds our group to pay their yearly dues this evening. $40 for returning members and $50 for new members.  We need to submit our national dues in December. Sheree also states that she will reach out to the church secretary to be sure that our club’s monthly meetings and sew-ins will be placed on the calendar.

Brandy reminded our attendees that nominations for next year’s officers will take place at the November meeting.

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month have been submitted to the President and Vice President and approved

Treasurer’s Report by Diane C., our balance is $463.25. This does not include the cash being held by Brandy and monies collected this evening for dues, 50/50 and monthly gift auction. The fees due to the church for use of meeting space are up to date.

Insurance- Diane reports that we still have not found insurance.  It is also reported that our request for a raffle license from the state of NJ has been rejected despite the fact that we have previously submitted a $100 application fee.  Diane has called the state to research why this has happened.  An appeal will be filed.  Members are also going to reach out to other guilds and clubs to find out how they have obtained their licenses.

Standing Committee Reports

Charity                              Chairman Eileen D

Eileen is collecting squares for Vegas.  Several members are participating.  Eileen will also begin reaching out to fabric companies for donations for charity quilts.

Fund Raising                    Chairman (temp Brandy)

June and Shannon report that there are upcoming opportunities to participate in vending areas at both the Belmar Arts Center as well as the Atlantic Highlands Art Center.  We have to find out the costs that could be incurred for tables and staffing. We would need atleast a year to gather inventory to sell.

MQG                                  Chairman Diane C

Members were reminded about the Mini Swap that is going on.  Several members have participated in this in the past.  It is evolving to be a way to get to know your swap partner.

Webinars at no charge are scheduled for Oct. 31 and Nov. 8.  Members agreed that the Nov 8 webinar will be of value.  It is entitled “How do I quilt it?” by Krista Watson.  All were reminded to attend if possible because Krista is very good at what she does.

Programs                          Chairman Deb H

Deb will continue to handle programs for 2018.  The next series will be the advance topics for what has been covered this year.  All agreed that this year’s programs have been fact filled, fun and always have a great “take away” for everyone.

Sew Ins                              Chairman Brandy B

Nov. 11.  Members are reminded that we will continue to work on the charity quilt that we are making for the MOMA convention this spring.

Social Networking          Chairman Shannon S

Our guild has received notices from several other guilds about upcoming quilt shows and they are listed on our page.

Instagram- we have received notification that the Summer Sampler that several of our members have participated in has added more programs for at least 3 Summer Sampler patterns.

Margie Schilling of the NJMQG notifies us that they have 2 upcoming programs that we can participate in.

Old Business

Mancuso Show- 2018  is a new date and new venue.  Our guild has decided that we will participate again.  Deb H will chair this.  Members will participate.  We want to do more information sharing about what Modern Quilting Is.  We probably will not “hang” as many quilts as last year. Could use ½ square triangle project as our story.

New Business

December Mtg

Will be a food event with appetizers and dessert.  Each member is asked to make a Hearts and Bees 1 Hour basket to share.  It was decided that the baskets would be filled with items valued at $15 or less.

Quilt Project Sharing

Each person did the following:

Hung quilt for display and photo

Fabric Used


Answered Questions

Monthly Program

Michelle shared handouts with our group regarding how to square-up a quilt and how to bind the quilt.  As one would expect, there was much discussion.  Michelle shared with out that there are advanced techniques for each of these topics.  She will happily teach those next year.

Meeting adjourned after the 50/50 of $18.25 was won by June and the monthly auction of Aurifil thread was won by Sheree.

Members Present

June M, Sheree M, Brandy B, Deb H, Deb L, Linda, Eileen D, Diane C, Michelle