March 2017 Minutes

Recorded by June Mellinger, Sec. on March 15, 2017

Call to Order by President Sherre


Members: Bonnie B, June M, Deb H, Eileen D, Diane C, Sherre M, Brandy B, Michelle L, Phyllis G, Deb L

Visitor: Patti S

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month:

Posted to web site.  Accepted by Eileen D, seconded by all

Treasurer’s Report:

Our guild now has a Pay Pal Account and it can be used for many things including paying dues or paying for Sew Ins.

A financial expectancy report was shared by Brandy.  It included current credits including a recent anonymous donation of $300 rec’d today. It also included a financial outlook based on our current membership and was offered as evidence of the necessity for fundraising and attracting new members. A handout designed by Diane was also distributed to be posted in local places which includes the guild contact and meeting information.

Diane reports that we have approximately $500.00 in our account.  It was asked that going forward Diane be prepared to share any credits or debits for the prior month in her report.

Committee Reports:

Charity                              Chairman Eileen D

Eileen reports that she will visit the Valerie Center on Wed, March 22, 2017 to donate the childrens’ quilts currently in her possession.  Quilts of this type will be donated on a regular basis to this charity for children who are undergoing chemo and are of need for a blanket during their treatment.

Eileen reports that she will be donating the 2016 Quilt Con quilt that has recently been returned to our chapter to the Friends of Advocacy for their yearly auction.

Fund Raising                    Chairman

At this time we do not have a chairman for this group but in the interim Brandy is handling it.  Brandy announced that this month we are having a meeting 50/50 as well as a door prize drawing. (note that members are encouraged to wear their name tags each month and they will be given an extra ticket for that effort.   Tickets for each were sold. Approximately $60 was profited from these efforts. We will be bringing a monthly door prize for which we will hold also hold a drawing. Tickets will be 3 for $1 for the door prize and 50/50 tickets are $1 each or 10 for $5.

President Sherre also took a poll of attendees for Fund Raising Ideas primarily to see what we could do to sell the minis.  We are looking into selling them online.   Instagram was mentioned as the best possibility to sell them. Diane and Deb will be working together on this effort. Diane volunteered to take the minis and ship them. They will be sold one at a time with prices assigned to each and more expensive and less expensive ones will be sold intermittently. Michelle suggested hosting an Ugly Fabric Auction which will be held at our July pool party. She said to bring any fabric that you don’t like in any amount and it will be auctioned off.

MQG                                  Chairman Diane C

Diane took the time to explain what the MQG is to our prospective new member, Patti S.

QOM and BOM on the MQG site explained.  Once again Diane urged the members to look at this site and learn from it.  Note that members can watch Fresh Quilting on their site.

Programs                          Chairman Deb H

Deb reports that our entire year is planned.  We will have a program each month on Back to Basics and this will coincide with a yearlong project to make a quilt using ½ square triangles.  Each member in attendance was asked to sign up for one of the monthly assignments. There was enthusiasm for the project and all months were filled.

Sew Ins                              Chairman Brandy B

The March Sew In was a big success with 8 members in attendance.   It is important to note that these events cost us $35/month and we must reserve the room each month in advance of use and if we don’t have enough members to attend we can’t just not pay for the room. We need a 4 member minimum each month.  Members stated that it is hard for them to commit in advance but in good faith they would not have trouble paying ahead.  June asked if we could manage that payment thru Pay Pal and we can so this would solve the advance payment issue.

Social Networking          Chairman Shannon S

No report

Old Business:

Mancuso quilt show participation was a success for showing off our quilts despite the poor show attendance.  This show was smaller due to other shows being held.  We have been asked to participate again next year.

Next year we do need more signage and we should plan to put guild postcards at the front desk for expanded sharing. Deb suggests that we should also let people “touch” our quilts. She said that she allowed them to touch them at the Mancuso show and this attracted great interest.

New Business:

March 18th is National Quilting Day

Ocean Grove Fire Event

48 quilts are requested, 3 have already been personally handed out. Brandy read a thank you note that has been rec’d.  There are 93 people directly affected by the fire.

Deb reports that 48 quilts have been requested so far.  We have not heard back from the church that is handling the donations but Deb is confident that we will.  Michelle voiced her concern with regard to the management of the quilt donations to be assured that the quilts are getting into the hands of those in need.

Deb asked that once the initial group of quilts are distributed to those affected by the fire that our group consider donating the balance to Fire, EMT and police who helped at the fire.  The guild accepted this idea.

Timeless Treasures sent a large box of fabric for quilt creations, quilts have been promised by several guilds and are expected shortly.

People can drop off their donations at Deb’s house and she hopes to make the donation on or about April 8.



Show and tell: Quilt Project Sharing (Hung quilt for display and photo)

Each person answers the following:

Fabric Used


Monthly Program:

Members listened to the description of the ½ square challenge and signed up for monthly teaching events.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

Members Present shown above