June 2017 Minutes – Summer Pool Party

ugly fabric auction

Call to Order for the June 2017 meeting by President Sheree

Attendees: June M, Brandy B, Michelle L, Bonnie B, Phyllis G, Arlene, Diane , Deb L, Eileen D, Shannon S, Jen S

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month: Posted to site

Treasurer’s Report: Diane reports that our Non Profit Status has been reinstated and she is now able to look for the insurance that our guild should have. Our current balance is approx. $593.00

Committee Reports:

Charity Chairman Eileen D. Eileen did not have anything to report.  Through the evening, however, members did give her quilts to be used for the Valerie Foundation as well as for stock for future needs.

Fund Raising Chairman :No Report

MQG Chairman Diane C: Diane reminded the membership that additional contests have been posted to the national site.  

Discussion followed regarding the agreed to decision to create a quilt for participation in the 2018 convention.  Our president requested that a committee be formed for this.  Arlene agreed to chair the committee.  June, Deb L and Diane C agreed to be committee members.  They will meet separately to discuss and plan how the entire guild can participate.

Programs Chairman: Deb H, No Report

Sew Ins Chairman Brandy B: Our president requested a decision as to whether or not to have these events during the summer.  Phyllis G raised a motion to cancel the July and August SewIns based the usual summer conflicts.  June M seconded the motion.  All in favor.

Social Networking Chairman: Shannon S: No Report

Old Business: No Report

New Business: The idea of a quilted basket swap was discussed as a possibility for our December meeting. We will continue the conversation at our next meeting.

Eileen D shared her latest bag creation during our Show N Tell and due to members enthusiasm she has agreed to conduct a hands on learning event at the September Sew In. She will create a shopping list for attending members.

Show and tell: Quilt Project Sharing (Hung quilt for display and photo). Each person answers the following: Fabric Used, Inspiration. Many members shared their latest creations.

Monthly Program: Michelle Lewis and Shannon Silver ran an Ugly Fabric Auction for our guild after a delicious Dish to Pass was enjoyed poolside.  This event was met with lots of enthusiasm.  A total of $63 dollars was garnered from the auction.

Meeting adjourned at 10pm.