July 2017 Minutes

Call to Order by President

We had two guests at the meeting.  Sharon S (also known as SeaShoreSharon on Instagram) and June’s granddaughter Kate.  Kate is 6 and lives in Colorado.

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month

Treasurer’s Report

In Diane’s absence an informal report was given.

Our current balance is $640.19.

Our monthly income is based on new member dues, 50/50 and raffles.

Our monthly costs range from national dues to church meeting room rentals.

Standing Committee Reports

Charity                              Chairman Eileen D

Valerie Fund stash is about 10 quilts and we are holding off until September to make a donation.  Michelle did ask at one point that we each consider making at least one quilt from our Ugly Fabric purchases to donate to this effort.

American Cancer Society quilts are always being gathered by Sheree’s mom.

Fund Raising                    Chairman (temp Brandy 😎

No report

MQG                                  Chairman Diane C

In Diane’s absence Brandy reported that guild participation in the annual MQG Charity Quilt Challenge will be chaired by Arlene with June and Brandy on the committee.  This group will meet outside of the meeting to firm up the plan and report back at the August meeting.The theme is putting a spin on Modern Traditionalism to honor the past with modern quilting elements while working as a team.  The national website will have webinars posted for assistance.

We received notice of a retreat that the Philadelphia area MQG is hosting in the PA Poconos, Nov. 10-12.  The letter of explanation was passed around at the meeting.

Programs                          Chairman Deb H

Not present.  Members did show some of their updated efforts for the ½ square challenge.

Sew Ins                              Chairman Brandy B

Eileen will be teaching our group on how to make the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented at the September 9th SewIn.  Members are each asked to purchase the PDF instructions from SewDemented, read them and have certain things accomplished before the event.  Eileen will send each of us a list of things necessary to have and accomplish by a separate email shortly.  6 members have agreed to participate. Participants need to have a walking foot for their machine, adjustable zipper feet, zippers.

Social Networking          Chairman Shannon S

No report

Old Business

NJ Spring show hosted by Marcus has been moved to the Edison Convention Center.  It will be held April 26-29. This topic brought up several questions:

Will Deb H continue to manage our participation?

Mini Quilt Raffle, will we attempt to do this again? Will Mancuso permit it?

Large Quilt Raffle-Phyllis wonders if we have an interest in doing this and do we understand what it would take:  a quilt (she has one), a yearlong sales effort, pictures and description cards for members to use for sales.  She would like to see this put on the September Agenda so that we can get a start on this.

New Business

no report

Quilt Project Sharing

Each person did the following:

Hung quilt for display and photo

Fabric Used


Answered Questions

Eileen and Sheree are participating in several sew alongs and they showed their efforts.  Eileen shared that she finds out about these on Instagram.

Jenn S showed a quilt that she made from the Long Time Gone sew along by Jenn Kingwell

Another shown was Amish with a Twist by Nancy Rink

Deb L showed a pop up card that she made with her new Scan N Cut.  She shared directions with everyone.  She suggested that she and June show how this product in used at a Sew In.

June shared her Kelly Kline quilting templates

Phyliss shared as well

Monthly Program

Batting- this was extremely interesting and filled with information and sharing.  A downloadable form of the presentation was shared by Brandy after the meeting.

One of the big take aways was that despite your confidence you should always cut your batting 4 to 8” larger than the quilt top/backing.  This is invaluable for lots of reasons.  There were lots of personal experiences that were shared along with those of the professional long armers and what their business expectations are when it comes to working with and getting to know their customers.  Lots of discussion how to tell the right side from the wrong side of batting.

50/50 and Raffle showed a profit of approx. $50

This month’s raffle was donated by Michelle.  It was a quilt kit from Zundt designs that included quilting and embroidery designs.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm as everyone enjoyed a slice of a delicious nectarine cobble made by Deb L (recipe from Sher’s mom)

Members Present

Sherre, Brandy, June, Jenn, Phyllis, Eileen, Arlene, Michelle, Kat, Sharon S. (guest), Deb L, Bonnie B., Kate (guest)