February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Present at the December meeting, held at the Colts Neck Reformed Church, Colts Neck., NJ: Sherre, Brandy, Phyllis, Michelle, Diane C., June, Eileen, Deb H, Shannon, Deb L. , Laura, Bonnie B,  Natalie

Meeting begun by President Sherre

Secretary’s Minutes : In June’s absence, Brandy took the January 2017 minutes.  They were accepted and will be posted to the website.

Treasurer’s Report- Shannon S reported:

Deposits – $120 dues

Expenses – need to pay Michelle for supplies for the January Sew In – silk painting tutorial, room rental for January sew in and meeting paid to CNRC.

President Sherre reminded members that have not done so to pay their $40 annual membership dues ($50 for new members).

Old Business

Charity Sewing:  Eileen has done research on the need for quilt donations. She is currently collecting quilts for children for our next donation and researching possible places to donate them. Ronald McDonald House already has more quilts then they know what to do with so there is no current need there. Eileen will be reaching out to the Monmouth Medical NICU to see if there is a need there.

 Valerie Fund is having a charity raffle on April 27th and it was decided to donate the charity quilt that we had made as a guild last year for display at Quilt Con.  Natalie reminded us of the need to note that the quilt has a value of $500 so that participants didn’t take the quilt for granted

Sherre told the group that her mom is involved with the American Cancer Society and 40 x 60” quilts are being requested to include in new oncology patient “swag bags”. They should be “women/adult” oriented.

Reminder: Diane has offered to machine quilt any charity quilts.

New Business

February Sew In : Held at CNRC with 7 members present- cost of space ($35) fully covered this month!

Queen Bee: None for February. Queen Bee on hold till further notice. Those who chose to participate gave June her paper-pieced corn on the cobs from the December QB.

2017 NJ Quilt Show    March 2-5 Somerset NJ

Display Quilts   Deb H shared that she will be making labels for the quilts that we will display. She asked the membership to submit their artist statements.

Information handout   Not discussed

Miniature Quilt Raffle: due to lack of insurance, non-profit designation, and raffle license from the state, we are unable to raffle off the minis at this time. We will be displating them behind out table at the show.

Sign Up sheet for work timeslots was passed around and filled in. We have full coverage – three people at the booth each day. Reminder to bring handwork to capture people’s attention.

Web Mistress

Shannon reports that she is busy updating the site.  It was also brought up that the membership needs to become more active on Instagram (#jsmqg) Please check the website for changes and make sure that you are subscribed to receive the updates. www.jerseyshoremqg.com Password for members only portion is jsmodern (one word, all lowercase) Jessica Skulty of Central Jersey MQG will be hosting a webinar on the national MQG website April 17th.

National Guild information update (Diane)

Continued discussion with regard to member’s names being deleted from National newsletter mailings.  Deb will to look into this.

Diane reminded the membership to follow the MQG site for up to the minute ideas and information.

2017 QUILT CON East will be starting Feb. 23 in Savannah, GA.  Deb H will be attending and for those who cannot attend there will be online streaming that will let you keep up with the fun!

June informed the guild that a new show entitled “Fresh Quilting” will begin airing on Feb. 23, 2017.  This show is being sponsored by the MQG.

Moda Bella Solids online quilt challenge is in progress.  Directions on their site and on our guild website.  Digital submission of finished quilts will be early September. Winning quilts will be shown in Houston in October.

New Stores: We discussed the upcoming closing of Rock, Paper, Scissors. New stores including Urban Sewciety in Westfield, NJ and Assemble ( the new merger of Little Quilt Shop in Haddonfield, NJ) were discussed, as well as . Info on these shops will be added to our resource page on our website. Victoria Findlay Wolfe has opened her own store in NYC. Shannon asked that any info on new shops be passed on to her so she can list them on our resource page.

Show N Tell : Many members were proud to show the variety of quilts that they were working on. Phyliss showed a gorgeous grey and orange strip quilt top, Brandy showed both her mini and her quilt for the Mancuso show.

Photos were taken for posting.  It was brought up at this meeting that better photographs of our work would benefit our website and social outreach. Diane C reached out to the membership to see if anyone had a hanging frame or other piece of equipment that could be used.  June M offered to let the group try her portable display wall as a possible solution.

February Meeting Program : Based on the needs for the upcoming show, Deb H has asked two members to present on quilt labels and hanging sleeves.

Quilt Labels: Phyllis shared the many ways that one could label a quilt and the information that should be included. Phyllis included a story of her family quilting history and the problem with unlabeled quilts with no tie to their maker. The members were surprised at how important this is and the variety of methods available for label making. Embroidery, printing onto both custom made printable fabric and cotton adhered to freezer paper , and methods to incorporate the quilt label to the backing were all discussed. June M emphaszied the importance of a non-removable label in the case of theft, especially when showing quilts. It was recommended that if a label is sewin onto the back of a quilt, that the makers name and information be written in fabric marker underneath as an extra precaution.

Quilt sleeves: June M shared the most common method for making a sleeve to attach to a quilt for hanging at shows, including a pleat to allow for the round poles often used.  Again the members were surprised to learn about the various measurements and needs when it comes to making a quilt sleeve.  She also mentioned the importance of sewing the sleeve down in a way that leaves slack for hanging the quilt on the rod.

President Chapter Update: Sherre updated the group about our future.

We do not currently have liability unsurance, which CNRC has requested we have. We also do not have active 501C status (it lapsed since we did not file our taxes for the last 3 years). We have to determine how we can go forward since we cannot continue to meet at the Colts Neck Community Church without these items as well as funds to pay for the use of the facility each month. Sherre ended by reinterating that the chapter is not dissolving, but does need to find a new space to hold meetings that is more in line with our current funds. Several members will be researching options over the next few weeks and we will update the guild with the info we find out.

Sharing: Members enjoyed sharing ideas and updating our newest member Laura on the ins and outs of the JSMQG.

The meeting was closed at 9.00PM.   Minutes taken and submitted by June Mellinger