April 2017 Minutes

April 18, 2017

Call to Order by President Sheree

Attendees: Sherre, June, Brandy, Phyllis, Bonnie, Deb H, Shannon, Jen, Laura, Deb L, Rosemary C (guest) , Patti S, Diane C.

Secretary’s Minutes for previous month: posted to our web site.  Approved by Deb H and seconded by Deb H.

President’s Report: our president introduced our two guests this evening, Rosemary C and Patti S

Treasurer’s Report: Diane submitted a report dated 3-15 to 4-17. We had a beginning balance of $179.14 and an ending balance of $456.54. Deposits from Petty Cash and Pay Pal $379.75. Expenses for meeting place rentals $140.00.  As treasurer Diane felt it was important to mention that our new efforts to raise money at the monthly meetings is a rousing success

Committee Reports:

Charity: Chairman Eileen D. Posted a charity update to our web site.  Our web mistress reports that these efforts are measured by an increase in web site visits.

Advocacy for the Arts is encouraging our organization to join.

Monmouth Council of the Arts (?)

Eileen reports that she would like to get more placemats but she would also like to find a new item to make and donate. She is also still looking for donation of Valerie Center quilts for their young oncology patients.

Fund Raising                    Chairman  ?

MQG                                  Chairman Diane C

Diane continues to seek out insurance coverage. She reports that the MQG is looking for people to teach their webinars.  (this is not a paid position)  Eileen reports that she did watch the recent MQG Town Hall meeting and found it quite interesting. Despite the fact that it was “on Line” she felt very much part of the meeting.  The MQG has more than 3500 individual members and they can link them to local guilds to solicit memberships.

Diane reports that the 2018 charity quilt patterns is not posted yet. The colors have been chosen but nothing else.

Quilt Con for 2018 is in Pasadena.  Deb H reminded everyone that they should not hesitate to make a quilt to submit to this event as you never know who will win.

Programs                          Chairman Deb H

Ocean Grove, a date for donation of 40+ quilts has yet to be set but Diane’s most recent contact seems to be more positive.  In the end we may have more than 58 quilts of various sizes.  When Deb gets a donation date she will let the guild know so that publicity can be achieved and members can attend.

Mini Quilt auction will be handled by Shannon S

Back To Basics Monthly events for 2018- Deb H reminded members that they  have signed up for a particular month and the should be prepared.

Sew Ins                             Chairman Brandy B

The April SI was well attended. Pay Pal seems to be helping to get prior commitment.

Social Networking           Chairman Shannon S

It is suggested that we post on our Facebook site for new members

Shannon hopes to have a Fabric Auction in June.  She asks that we send her blog posts, tell her about quilt shops in NJ, remember to tag Instagrams with #JSMQG (shows you everything that has been posted the # is like a search engine) or @JSMQG (directly sends a note to our site that someone posted)

Both Shannon and Natalie will be attending the upcoming Mid Atlantic Mod being held in Philadelphia.  They have been invited to a breakfast that will allow them to Network with other guilds.

Old Business:


New Business:

Wood Quilts- Deb H was researching this as a possible fundraiser.  The presentation would cost $250. The idea is tabled for now.

Show and tell: Quilt Project Sharing (Hung quilt for display and photo)

Each person answers the following:

Fabric Used


Sheree’s daughter Kaitlin helped to display quilts brought by our members.  Ideas ranged from quilts to minature stuffed animals.


50/50 and tote bag made by Eileen with a MQG date book included

Monthly Program:

Phyllis did a very interesting program about threads.  She generously shared a copy from a Superior Thread presentation.  The group found this very interesting and there was a lot of input from members about their own thread experiences.

Back to Basics- Deb H reminded members that the expection for this meeting was to have found fabrics to cut into the recommended square sizes.  Next month you are to cut into triangles and complete the contrasting squares.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm. Members Present (13)