March Minutes

Meeting Date March 20, 2019

Call to Orderby our President Deb H

Welcometo any guests or new members Our guests this month were Terry Peria and Colette Morris

Secretary’s MinutesJune Mellinger MTA L Duffy, 2ndB Borden AIF/NO

Treasurer’s Report Phyllis Garnant Current Balance $470.44.  Mtg space at the church for J, F & M has been paid ($175)

Standing Committee Reports

Charity                                      Chairman Eileen D

40 Pillowcases were to be delivered (great since our initial goal was 24).  Donation date will be Monday in Toms River at the Ocean’s Harbor House.

Fund Raising                          Chairman Brandy

The miniature quilts will be donated to the Colts Neck Reformed Church for their December bazaar. Motion to Donate the quilts was made by E DiPietro, 2ndB Borden, AIF/NO

MQG                                          Chairman Deb H

All paid members have been listed to be part of our guild and they can visit the site and print out their membership cards.

Membership benefits:

  • Proffering this card can often get you discounts at quilt related vendors.
  • On the MQG site there is a Deals and Discount Page
  • you can earn money by designing for the MQG ($350) using their fabric, batting you must follow the suggestions of the MQG as you create
  • conduct a webinar and make $200

Programs                                 Chairman Deb H

The goal for 2019 is to learn new things.  March will be about Quilts of Valor.  April’s topic will be hosted by Deb L.  The topic will be…crazy quilting questions.  May will be hosted by D Hunter and the topic will be Technology and our Guild.

Sew Ins

  • Chairman Brandy B please remember to leave our area in the storage closet neat.
  • March- We made Jelly Roll quilts from a donation of jelly rolls that E DiPietro recently received. These finished quilts will be put in our stock for upcoming donations.Quilts can be tied or quilted.
  • April- no topic
  • May will be hosted by E DiPietro as she teaches us how to make the Poolside Tote.Attendees are reminded to buy the pattern from Noodlehead as well as the necessary sewing supplies.
  • September- P Garnant will teach a pillow that features the use of decorative stitches.She will let us know the necessary items for this class in the coming months.

Social Media                         Chairman Shannon S no report

Old Business

  • 2019 Quilt Con quilt has been returned and now the process of finding the correct place to donate this quilt to begins. This particular quilt is quite modern and skillfully quilted and therefore it is noted that this quilt should be donated to an organization that could use it for fundraising efforts.  Suggestions include: Habitat for Humanity, Turn Around 180 (Domestic Violence Shelter, Mary by the Sea.  Members were asked to consider these and other ideas and reach out to the various charities to have them send our organization a written request as to how they would handle such a donation.
  • Welcome Book- in process. N Syracuse provided a wealth of historic information
  • Name Tags- members reminded again to wear theirs
  • National Quilting Day- members were asked to share if they did anything specific for this day. A Fitzpatrick reports that Brookdale CC has put our name on the list to provide display for them for next March
  • Charity Batting can be stored in the church building downstairs. Members are reminded that they can take from this roll for charity projects only.
  • Group Learning Project- members showed their progress on the Pat Sloan, “Out of this World” BOM project.


New Business

  • Makers Day Event will be participated in at the Manalapan Public Library on 5-23 from 12-4PM.E DiPietro and D Hunter invited members to come and help them.  Project will be to have people design a patriotic quilt square with paper. Designs will be gathered and used as a template for an upcoming Quilt of Valor made by our guild.
  • Teacher Trunk Show- J Mellinger has reached out to Krishma Patel to come and speak at our September meeting
  • Charging for Sew In participation when the event is for charity- there will be no change in asking members to continue to pay when attending a Sew In no matter what the topic is. A recent donation of $35 will be put toward a future event. Event participation can be paid for on Pay Pal


  • March 27-30 is AQS Quilt week in Lancaster, Pa. Members were encouraged to attend.
  • Empire Quilters will be hosting an event this weekend at FIT
  • Ocean Waves will be hosted in Lewes DE April 26-27

Door Prizes/50-50

  • A Fitzpatickwon the Door Prize and J Mellinger won $19 in the 50/50

Monthly Program

  • Quilts of Valor- L Duffy gave an interesting and extensive program about this charitable cause for veterans who have been wounded while serving our country.

 Show and Tell

Prior to this a baby shower was held for our member A Fitzpatric.  She rec’d many gifts as well as a beautiful Elizabeth Hartman quilt entitled Awesome Ocean made by several members of our guild.  Members enjoyed great refreshments while we viewed everyone’s S & T

Presenter- Tell us everything! The story behind the quilt. What you learned while making the quilt. Why did you make it and how much time you invested in making it.  Membership should respect and admire. Ask questions. Take a closer look.

Meeting adjournedat 9 PM.

Members Present J Mellinger, D Hunter, A Thompson, K Moore, T Peria, A Fitzpatrick, L Duffy, D Critelli, D Loeb, B Brandy, S MacClellan, N Syracuse, E DiPietro, P Garnant, C Morris